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ZSR 9mm Luger Ball Ammunition

ZSR 9mm Luger Ball Ammunition


1000 Rounds Case


ZSR ammunition is designed, tested and produced for the certain shooter, made from the finest components. This ammunition delivers exceptional downrange performance every time you pull the trigger. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Whether you are shooting for tight match groups or fine-tuning your marksmanship on the range, you can rely on ZSR to outshoot, outscore and outperform the rest. NO DOUBTS. NO REGRETS. NO EXCUSES. 


    9x19 mm Parabellum Pistol Cartridges

    • Case Model: 9 X 19
    • Bullet Type: FMJ 115 GR
    • Case Material: Brass 
    • Primer: Boxer Primer 
    • Velocity 1148 FPS
    • Packing: 500 RDS

               MADE IN TURKEY

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